2020 Current Concepts in Knee Preservation Knee Osteotomy Symposium & Cadaveric Workshop

Course Director:盧永昌(Lu, Yung-Chang) 理事長

Course Coordinator:羅健生(Lo, Chien-Sheng) 秘書長、楊傑思(Yang, Chieh-Szu) 醫師

主辦單位(Organizer):中華民國關節鏡及膝關節醫學會(Taiwan Arthroscopy and Knee Society)

合辦單位(Co-organizer):秀傳亞洲遠距微創手術中心(Taiwan IRCAD)、裕元花園酒店(WINDSOR Hotel)、 愛派司生技股份有限公司(A Plus Biotechnology Corporation)

時間(Date):2020年7月25~26日 (星期六~日) 08:00-18:00


  • 07/25-裕元花園酒店(台中市西屯區台灣大道四段610號)
  • 07/26-秀傳微創中心(彰化縣鹿港鎮鹿工路6-1號)


  • 操作醫師(Operator)-12名 已額滿
  • 觀摩醫師(Observer)-24名 已額滿
  • 僅參與7/25課程醫師(Symposium)-暫無限制

報名費(Entrance fee):

  • 操作醫師(Operator) NT$ 25,000 (USD $ 1,000)
  • 觀摩醫師(Observer) NT$ 5,000(USD$ 200)
  • 僅參與7/25 課程(Symposium):NT$ 2,000(USD$ 100)



操作學員 觀摩學員 僅參與7/25課程醫師
馬瑄孝 陳威仁 顏成穎
葉詩翰 曾郁凱 洪瑋辰
張彧銓 曾威凱 廖昱翔
周學璞 黃贊文 吳政達
張浩銘 蔡松航 吳冠廷
姚樹鑫 陳建廷 詹舜文
陳建樺 駱耀璋 張孝綱
柯智淵 廖翊廷 余培安
林峻豪 温柏崇 王誌謙
陳冠融 楊士賢 黃全敬
黃泰榮 周恆正 王稚暉
蔡明智 黃柏樺 李天慶
吳欣翰 張淳昱
陳冠豪 謝宇傑
洪煒竣 許祺祥
張惟淳 蔡俊灝
陳加憲 鄭彥文
黃胤銘 洪碩穗
曾國原 盧品言
魏伊萍 張育睿
蘇柏峰 鄭博丞
蔣毅弘 蕭又萌
陳劍龍 洪志凱
韓步禹 洪舜奕






Saturday (7/25) Knee Osteotomy Symposium (WINDSOR Hotel)

Time Topic Speaker
0800-0840 Registration All
0840-0850 Opening remarks Lu, Yung-Chang
Lecture 1:
0850-0900 AR/VR/MR guiding surgery on Orthopaedics
0900-0910 Evidence in Osetotomies around the Knee
0910-0925 Rationale for Knee Preservation : Osteotomy, UKA and PEJ
0925-0940 Deformity Analysis :3D Identification of CORA
0940-0955 How to plan an Osteotomy AROUND THE Knee :HTO, DFO and DLO
0955-1010 Preoperative planning for HTO :How to deal with soft tissue laxity
1010-1025 Minor correction HTO for early osteoarthritis of the Knee
1025-1035 3D Patient Specific Instrument in Medial Open Wedge High Tibia Osteotomy
1035-1045 Distal Femur Osteotomy :Surgica Pitfalla and Clinical Results
1045-1055 Clinical Results of 3D Patient Specific Instrument Guided Chevron Osteotomy in DFO
Lecture 2:
1055-1105 Joint Savage Surgery of Lower Limb traumatic injury
1105-1115 Deformities combined OA of the knee :TKA for the final soultion
1115-1125 Extra-articular correction in posttraumatic deformities
1125-1140 Intra-articular correction of distal femur and tibial plateau
1140-1150 Post-traumatic osteoarthritis of the ankle
1150-1200 Distal radius traumatic deformity ?
1200-1210 3D PSI assisted correction after traumatic deformity
1210-1230 Q & A
1230-1320 Lunch
Lecture 3:
1320-1330 HTO UKA TAK : Where is the broder ?
1330-1340 Joint Replacement after failed HTO
1340-1355 PF OA with open HTO
1355-1410 Predictive factors for satisfication after UKA and TKA
1410-1425 Recovery pattern and participation in recreational and sports activities after HTO and UKA
1425-1435 Concomitant HTO and TKA :complement or conflict ?
1435-1445 Combined 3D PSI guiding Osteotomies and Prosthesis replacement : Doing his part and working together
Lecture 4:
1445-1455 Is it necessary using arthroscop prior to high tibia osteotomy
1455-1510 Arthroscopic surgery before Knee osteotomy :Japan Experience
1510-1520 Osteotomy for the ligament instability
1520-1530 Roots tear after HTO
1530-1540 Corrective osteotomy in concomitant meniscal allograft transplantation
1540-1550 HTO combined ACLR/PCLR
1550-1600 Cartilaage Regeneration after HTO
Lecture 5:
1600-1615 Complication after osteotomy around the knee
1615-1630 How to avoid pitfalls in HTO
1630-1645 Bone grafting or not in HTO
1645-1700 Return to sports rate after opening wedge high tibial osteotomy
1700-1710 How to make HTO more stable ?FEM and Biomechanics study
1710-1720 Clinical Results of opposite screw in MWOHTO
1720-1730 Stem cell therapy in OA : Current application in Taiwan
1730-1740 Orthobiology agents application in OA knee
1740-1750 3D roation of tibial osteotomy :the distration side and lateral hinge axis
1750-1800 PSI Guiding Surgery iin Knee Osteotomy : New technology brings new vision
1800-1820 Q & A
1820- Closing remarks Lu, Yung-Chang


Sunday (7/26) Cadaveric course (HTO + DFO/HTO + Root repair/ HTO + ligament reconstruction / Complication)

Morning section
8.00-8.30 Welcome & Registration 盧永昌
8.30-8.50 Dressing
8.50-9.10 Demo : Arthroscopic procedures (menisectomy, chondroplasty, microfracture)
9.10-9.40 Practice : Arthroscopic procedures All faculty
9.40-10.10 Demo : Medial OWHTO with PSI (approach, release)
10.10-11.00 Practice : Medial OWHTO with PSI All faculty
11.00-11.30 Demo : Medial CWDFO with PSI
11.30-12.20 Practice : Medial CWDFO with PSI All faculty
Lunch & Expert Showtime
12.20-13.50 Expert Showtime : HTO combined Root repair
Expert Showtime : Hinge Fracture Management
Afternoon section
14.00-14.20 Demo : HTO / ACL reconstruction (tibial tunnel)
14.20-14.50 Practice : HTO / ACL reconstruction (tibial tunnel) All faculty
14.50-15.00 Group photo
15.00-15.30 Demo : Lateral CWHTO with PSI (approach, fibular osteotomy)
15.30-16.20 Practice : Lateral CWHTO with PSI All faculty
16.20-16.40 Expert Showtime : HTO / PCL reconstruction
16.40-17.00 Closing remark & Certificate 盧永昌