2018 Current Concepts in Knee Preservation- Knee Arthroscopy & HTO Cadaveric Workshop

Course Director:詹益聖 Chan Yi-Sheng

Course Coordinator:羅健生 Lo Chien-Sheng


合辦單位:Taiwan IRCAD; Aplus; Smith & Nephew; 博晟生醫股份有限公司

時間:2018年9月22~23日 (星期六~日) 08:00-18:00


名額:24名操作醫師( 2人一組,共12組)、24名觀摩醫師( 2人一組,共12組)

費用:操作醫師 NT$ 25,000(US$ 1,000/人)、觀摩醫師NT$ 5,000(US$ 200/人)




Saturday (9/22) Knee Arthroscopy & Cartilage Workshop

Time Topic Speaker
0800-0840 報到 All
0840-0850 Opening remarks 詹益聖

Lecture 1: Cartilage regeneration           Moderaotr: 詹益聖

0850-0905 Current methods of cartilage regeneration 張至宏
0905-0920 Current concepts of meniscus repair 羅健生
0920-0935 Step treatment of OA knee 楊傑思
0935-0950 Cartilage regeneration in HTO 陳暐錚
0950-1010 Discussion
1010-1030 Coffee Break

Lecture 2: Arthroscopy/HTO in OA         Moderaotr: 盧永昌

1030-1045 The role of Arthroscopy in OA treatment 林冠宇
1045-1100 Arthroscopic marrow stimulation 陳威仁
1100-1115 Treatment of posterior medial meniscus root tear with/without HTO 吳家麟
1115-1130 HTO with/without ligament reconstruction 蔣恩榮
1130-1150 Discussion
1150-1310 Lunch (change dress)
1310-1330 Demo 1: Arthroscopic evaluation, plica resection, lateral release, multiple drilling, chondroplasty 盧永昌
1330-1400 Practive 1
1400-1420 Demo 2: menisectomy, meniscus repair (in-out & out-in), root repair, pie-crust 羅健生
1420-1520 Practive 2
1520-1540 Demo 3: Mosaicplasty; BICRI 詹益聖
1540-1610 Practive 3
1610-1630 Change dress and Move to auditorium
1630-1730 Demo 4: OWHTO (All in auditorium)–Moderator:詹益聖
Demo 5: DFO (All in auditorium)
Pro. Nha
1730-1750 Closing remarking
1750-2000 Moon Festival Banquet


Sunday ( 9/23)  HTO Course

Time Topic Speaker
0820-0840 報到 All
0840-0850 Opening remarks 詹益聖

Lecture 3: Indication and principle of HTO       Moderaotr: 楊傑思

0850-0905 Patients selection: UKA vs HTO vs TKA 釋高上
0905-0920 Current concept of HTO, DFO, double osteotomy Pro. Nha
0920-0935 Open vs closing wedge HTO Pro. Nha
0935-0950 HTO for late stage OA, SONK 遲維新
0950-1010 Discussion
1010-1030 Coffee Break

Lecture 4: Surgical intervention             Moderaotr: 遲維新

1030-1042 Pre-op plan of HTO 張世昇
1042-1054 HTO surgical technique 許晉榮
1054-1106 Pitfall and complications of HTO 楊傑思
1106-1118 Post-HTO rehabilitation 戴大為
1118-1130 PSI Applications of Knee Osteotomies 駱主安
1130-1150 Discussion
1150-1310 Lunch (change dress)
1310-1330 Demo 6: PSI HTO (All in auditorium)–Moderator :釋高上 楊傑思
1330-1600 Grand run
Stage I: Cadaveric work shop (PSI HTO, TT osteotomy)張至宏、陳暐錚、楊傑思、戴大為、釋高上、王大翊Stage II: Relive surgery & Case Discussion Saw bone
work shop & osteotomy APP


All faculty
1330-1340 Moving
1340-1440 Stage I: Group A; Stage II: Group B
1440-1500 Rotate
1500-1600 Stage I: Group B; Stage II: Group A
1600-1620 Moving & Change class
1620-1650 Demo 7: PSI DFO (All in auditorium)–Moderator:張至宏 楊傑思
1650-1700 Closing remarking + Certificated 詹益聖